November 14, 2010

Las Vegas

A few weeks back Ryan's parents invited us to join them on their trip to Las Vegas. With it being just a hop, skip, and a four hour drive from LA, we took them up on their generous offer.

We spent the day walking in and out of all the casinos and eating everything in sight. Las Vegas is not short on good food.

A Wiseman Once Said . . . A good time had by all!

November 13, 2010

What's For A Snack?

Saturdays are my lazy day. After a week filled with cooking, cleaning, and rushing to get out the door, I usually do absolutely nothing. So when it comes to meals I like to keep it simple.

I came across this recipe and made it this afternoon for a late snack. It's definitely going to be added to my permanent list of recipes to cook!

It's simple - dice some onions, brussel sprouts, and garlic. Toss these three items in a sauté pan with pepper and paprika. Meanwhile, toast some bread, add cheddar on top, bake for a few minutes, and top with the onion/brussel sprout/garlic mixture. Delicious and easy!

A Wiseman Once Said . . .  Another delicious toast recipe!

November 8, 2010

From the West Coast to the Gulf Coast

We are officially heading back to Texas! 

The past year we've spent in Los Angeles has been one we'll never forget. This is where we were able to be in a short-distance relationship for the first time in four years, where we both got real jobs, and where we noticed how lonely a big city can be without family or friends around.

After thinking, re-thinking, and thinking about it again, we both decided that this isn't the place for us. We do know that Texas is right for us. We miss our families, our friends, and Tex-Mex!

In even more exciting news, Ryan will be pursuing his passion - something he's wanted to do for years and finally found the right way to do it.

A Wiseman Once Said . . . On the road again, and it feels good!

November 7, 2010

Working For The Weekend

We ended this whirlwind work week with a nice, relaxing weekend. Friday we started off celebrating some new exciting news:

Saturday, we headed to Larchmont Village, a cute block lined with small boutiques, sandwich shops, and pastry stores in the neighborhood. 

Our neighbor, Scott, came along while I practiced taking some not very good outdoor photos. 

Sunday, we enjoyed the extra hour (or two!) of sleep and the chilly Fall day with some semi-homemade brownies.

A Wiseman Once Said . . . Just another leisurely Fall weekend enjoyed by all around these parts.

November 1, 2010

Pick A Card, Any Card!

The time has come.
 Weeks of waiting have passed. 

The color's been selected.

Possible designs have been poured over. 

The wording checked . . .

  . . . And checked again!

Finally, the calling cards have arrived!

A Wiseman Once Said . . . The only thing cuter than personalized calling cards? Children's calling cards!

October 30, 2010

Creme Brulee

Dessert is my favorite meal.

What's my favorite dessert? Creme brulee!

When my mom and her Dutch friend visited last week I was presented with the perfect excuse to whip up a batch of this heavenly dish. I went to my gal Ina once again for this spoon-scrapingly good recipe.

A Wiseman Once Said . . . When a recipe calls for a few cups heavy cream and torched sugar, it's bound to be delicious.

October 28, 2010


He looks terrified of me. This small, four pound (on a good day) chihuahua thinks that he's stuck with me for forever and won't come near me. He'll follow me at a distance, peek out at me from corners, and then scurry onto his bed when I come within a few feet of him.

A Wiseman Once Said . . . Nothing like a puppy not wanting to play with you to make your self-esteem nosedive.

Fall Inspiration

Do you ever try and re-vamp your look?

I'm the type of person that typically gets bored once a year and feels like I need a few new pieces to help spruce up my wardrobe. Here are a few pieces I zeroed in on this season and haven't been able to take off (spoken almost figuratively):

Riding boots are a must! They last for years and it fulfills my dream of pretending to own a horse and participate in the equestrian arena. Weird, but fashionable!

Jeans don't have to be expensive to be cute! I found these very dark skinnies for a fraction of its retail price. They have a solid pocket on the back and are very dark denim in person.

These zip-up gems first made their debut last fall. When I saw them on an ultra chic friend I thought they would be too pricey to indulge in. Not so! These trendy leggings are perfect for long tunics and riding boots and are only $10!

The last item, a Christmas present from last year, is one item that I can't seem to stop wearing. I've gone about five days this year without wearing it. This season won't be any different.

A Wiseman Once Said . . What warm weather essentials are on your list?!

Closet Reorganization

I finally did it. I cleaned my closet. Dust, creaky hangers, and unpolished shoes had been staring at me for months. 
Not anymore. 
I dedicated five hours on Saturday and sifted through my closet cleaning it, organizing each item according to sleeve length and occasion - insert crazy thoughts about me right now - and now I'm at peace. While I still don't have any of these, it's a step in the right direction.

I don't think that curving pole is going to last much longer. 

Some eye candy!

 Some travel bags readily hung out for that quick weekend getaway.

A few magazine pages to help inspire me when I feel like I've got nothing to wear. 

A Wiseman Once Said . . . Clean clothes, shiny shoes, and all dressed and ready to go.

August 25, 2010

The past few meals

The past few nights I've been sticking to the weekly prepared menu. Usually, I opt out one night of cooking, declaring that leftovers are indeed still okay to eat two days past their original debut.

However, this week I was determined to not cut any corners. So we've been enjoying a variety of different fares - albeit at 10 pm after too much work and traffic - nightly.

My fave gal Ina had something to do with this one.

Chicken Enchiladas were a first for me in terms of dicing, chopping and preparing. I haven't been able to stop gaining weight eating them since.

No recipe needed for this crowd favorite. Simply dice a few veggies, combine with ground turkey meat (I forewent the eggs just in case salmonella decided to make a presence in this dish) . . . 

. . . wait and wait and wait . . . 

. . . and you've got yourself some homemade meatballs and a good ol' time.

A Wiseman Once Said . . . Here's to tomorrow's dinner.
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