August 25, 2010

The past few meals

The past few nights I've been sticking to the weekly prepared menu. Usually, I opt out one night of cooking, declaring that leftovers are indeed still okay to eat two days past their original debut.

However, this week I was determined to not cut any corners. So we've been enjoying a variety of different fares - albeit at 10 pm after too much work and traffic - nightly.

My fave gal Ina had something to do with this one.

Chicken Enchiladas were a first for me in terms of dicing, chopping and preparing. I haven't been able to stop gaining weight eating them since.

No recipe needed for this crowd favorite. Simply dice a few veggies, combine with ground turkey meat (I forewent the eggs just in case salmonella decided to make a presence in this dish) . . . 

. . . wait and wait and wait . . . 

. . . and you've got yourself some homemade meatballs and a good ol' time.

A Wiseman Once Said . . . Here's to tomorrow's dinner.

1 comment:

  1. What's that green salad in the first picture? Looks mouth-watering and delicious.


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